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W3 Power
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W3 Power is our new line of web marketing services that can help you increase sales and brand exposure.  Whether used separately or combined with any of our print and promotional product services W3 Power created by Publicité Ad Factory® Inc., is here to help our clients achieve results in the 21st Century and beyond.

Virtual Trade Shows

Our cloud based three-dimensional virtual software and platforms your event will replicate the traditional show experience with features like an auditorium for live and on-demand presentations, an expo hall for sponsored virtual trade show booths and networking lounges for attendee interaction.

With our exceptional creative team, we can design any number of interfaces such as Lobbies, Halls, Conference Rooms, Theatres, Networking Lounges, Libraries and more.  If you have a sketch or a photograph of your idea, we can create a design fit to your needs.  We will work with you to make sure the final product is true to your vision. In addition to having over 100+ booths to choose from and a library of themes we can provides our customers with the opportunity to conceptualize alternative and customized interfaces.

Personal URLs

Personal URLs the best personalized way to market your brand on the web. Think of it as a custom page which is set up to supplement and capture direct mail, email campaigns, welcome new clients, offer new products and more. A Personal URL can be customized using text, images, videos, or audio specifically targeting information for each person's needs or interests.

Personal URLs are the probably the most direct advertising you can get!

Any mailings or sales literature tells your clients about  the offer and directs them to visit their own personal web page.  You tell them to visit  For example  http:// - This page will be personalized when they arrive and can be customized in any way depending on the type of your campaign. Generally they will see a pre-filled form asking them to verify their contact info.  At this time, you can ask questions, take surveys, register for events, or provide them with a special offer and a link to your own website.

Once your customers  land on their own web page, their visit is recorded in our Personal URL engine, and any responses are recorded as well. Your sales team can be notified of these leads as soon as they arrive on the page and can turn a warm lead into a real hot one.

Online Web Page Flip Catalogues

We can convert your print ready .pdf files into a dynamic, user friendly, page flipping digital publication.
We offer a complete solution for all your digital presentation of printed material.  All you have to do is upload your PDF files, complete the easy follow form and wait for our team to send you your own digital publication.  Your customers will think YOU own the technology with a fully customized addition.

Benefits include:
Affordable prices for creating your digital edition that won't break the bank.
Create an online web flip catalogue starting from two (2) pages and up.
Drive traffic to your website.
Increase advertising revenue.
FREE hosting on our reliable servers.
Increase your circulation using a fully search able edition.

We offer a huge variety of free options and fee based options for your own e-flip brochures including statisitics, iphone and ipad capability, cd version for direct mail, note taking, line order form inserted into your catalogue, realisitic page flipping and more.

Web People

Have a real live talking web model (actor/actress) or spokesperson greet and introduce your web page, product or event.  You can even use one of our web models with our virtual trade show service.  They can pop in and out of your site or page and we have a variety of options for you to choose from from 15 sec to 60 sec introduction.