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Promo Decor
New Custom Imprinted Photo Advertising Roller Shades or blinds for your office and showroom.
Turn your window into a work of art or a custom advertising message!

Choose from stock images or supply your own custom photo imprinted on a variety of roller shade materials to suit your needs from view through shades to privacy shades.

All our roller shsdes are made in USA using the latest styles of fabrics that are flame retardent, non-toxic, color fast and ISO 9001 certified.
Mono Chocolate Store - custom photo advertising window blinds. jpg   Retail store

Publicite Ad Factory Promo Decor offers:

Roller Shades with standard clutch mechanism, spring roller or spring assisted clutch for heavier shades. Roller shades come standard with weighted pocket hem. External aluminum hem bar available.                                                             
Display shades are an alternative when there is no requirement to raise or lower shades. Also used as room dividers, display shades are ceiling suspended with choice of black, champagne or brushed aluminum top bar and finished with weighted pocket hem.
Outdoor shades make any patio or deck more enjoyable with durable outdoor fabrics in several styles and colors. Stainless steel components are weather resistant while guide wires keep shades secure from wind. Available with standard clutch or motorized.
Tapestries and Wall Coverings are a beautiful alternative to canvas prints and wallpaper. The gorgeous texture and outstanding image quality of our fabrics makes our shades a unique element of decor.
Motorization offers numerous benefits including security (no cords), limited access control, and easier lifting for heavier shades, while providing a clean, streamlined appearance

For a more finished appearance choose curved or L shaped fascia panels, available in black, white, vanilla or anodized aluminum. If total room darkening is required, side channels eliminate light gap from behind.


Corporate Wall Paper for Retail stores, Lobbies, Hallways, Entrances - Your logo, Message, or Image printed in full colour on paper or choice of vinyl and cloth materials.  Product can be applied to any smooth surface wall with commercial grade adhesive.
Window Decals in full colour
Concrete Floor Graphics in full colour - product decals are easy to apply to any cement or parking lot surface. Our Concrete Decals withstands car, pedestrian traffic and weather elements.

Tap into your creativity
Not enough colors or styles to choose from? Now you can create a look that is all your own!
Color matching
Themed graphics

Commercial and retail establishments now have a new way to highlight their product/service 24/7. Experienced advertisers can make it part of their overall media plan and budget.  A window shade is no longer a piece of fabric. It becomes a printed canvas to create a message.  It is not just a window blind it is an advertising expenditure that pays off with drivers and pedestrians.

Delivery across Canada  and the United States of America.
Overseas orders are welcomed.
With Publicité Ad Factory® Promo Decor the possibilities are endless!