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New Items

Mints - Candies - Gum

Stock mint wrapper imprinted with Santa claus design.    Beechies Brand Chewing gum with box impritned on one side with Stock USA flag design and back side of box imprinted with your logo. jpg Picture of stock red and white heart print candy wrapper.  jpg.

Hospitality Mints, Starlight Mints, Fruit Creams, Chew Beez®, Double Bubble ®,  Beechies ®,
Taylor & Grant® & Richardson Mints Brands

For promotions and food service
With your bill at the restaurant
In your guest hotel rooms
For banquets, parties, receptions, new
product launches & more...
Custom imprinted and personalized
With your logo imprint on the wrapper
Choice of wrapper colours and ink
Minimum order 1 case

Bentcil Line

Large of variety of stock shaped themed pencils and pens !
Custom shapes available upon request

        Bentcils- stock and custom shaped real #2 lead pencils. Models shown: dollar sign, treble clef, house and palm tree.  gif          Ink Bend Jr Ballpoint Shaped Pens.  Models shown Pumpkin billboard, computer @ symbol, cheetah and USA flag billboard.  gif            Butterfly Pens - plastic 14 inch long pen with full colour laminated butterfly glued on to each pen top. gif.        14 inch pencils with choice of patterns from safari animals, zig zag, aquarium animals, stripes, dinosaurs, swirl, bubbles, stars, sunburst, zebra/tiger and snowflake designs. Pattern covers the entire pencil. jpg
                  Bentcils                  Ink Bend Jr Pens           Butterfly Tube Pens                         14 Inch Pencils   
 Now available "Bentcils" line of pencils made from recycled denim and recycled money !
Imprinted Gift Ribbon and Gift Bows
Custom printed gift ribbon and gift bows.  Personalized for stores, events, promotions, and charities. jpg
Custom Photo Handbags/Purses, Photo Tote/Diaper Bags/ Cosmetics Bags
Perfect as party/wedding favors, birthday gifts, contest prizes, new product launches, gift with purchase programmes.
High quality bags made with your own color and or black & white photo/logo/image.
Same quality as offered by many fine USA retailers now available.
We'll even take your order for one custom bag !
Chocolate bars with your own custom imprinted wrapper.  jpg
Ask us about our complete line of stock and custom chocolates,
candy for any event.Custom chocolate bars with your name/logo
on the wrapper.   We do have some organic chocolate products
available, please ask for more details.

Earthballs - milk chocolate ball wrapped in foil, that resembles world globe.  jpg
Mini chocolate shaped coffee cups with coffee cream centers. jpg.
Chocolate coins available in different colours and flavors for weddings, promotions, anniversaries, birthdays, sales, hotels, restaurants, etc.
Mini foil wrapped solid milk chocolate hearts. jpg.
World Globe Balls - foil wrapped milk chocolate balls with blue and gold world design.  jpg.

Photo / Logo cookies - real edible cookies imprinted with your logo or phot in full colour.  jpg.           Chocolate Covered Sunflower Seeds available in 11 different colours. jpg.
                              Photo Cookies imprinted with                 Chocolate Covered Sunflower Seeds in
                         your logo or picture  It's delicious !                               11 different colours.
                                Yes, it is a real edible cookie.

Custom Personalized Hershey Kisses®
Hershey Kisses® available with your logo, message, slogan. Combine our stock label and your custom printed label for example use our Stock Happy Birthday on half the Kisses® and use a custom printed message on the other half of the kisses® or use our It's A Boy/Girl and on the custom label print the name, date of birth of your new baby boy/girl.
Hershey Kisses® with custom blue and white happy Birthday label. jpg.  Hershey Kisses® with custom green, white and black company moving label . gif  Hershey Kisses® with custom yellow and black Smiley Face label. jpg.
Our stock label colors are: White,Yellow, Neon Red, Neon Green, Neon Orange,
 Neon Chartreuse, Gold Foil and Silver Foil.
Our stock ink colors are: black, silver, gray, light gray, brown, gold, dark blue,
medium blue, light blue, baby blue, pink, purple, teal, dark green, light green, mint green,
burgundy, ruby red, red, yellow, goldenrod, orange and orangyred.
Our labels(stickers/decals) are professionaly printed - they are not laser or inkjet quality,
so our quantites are higher then most other sources on the net!
And to save on shipping - we can supply the labels and you can purchase the
Hershey Kisses® at your local store!

Prize Wheels
Black table top clicker style prize wheel. jpg.
Now you can have your own wheel of fortune, prizes, money, gifts, etc. The Clicker Style is the more traditional wheel with a pointer that "clicks" between each segment. The clicking sound helps build excitement as it spins! The Roulette Style has two balls inside the wheel that bounce around until they land in one or more of the prize segments. The ball action builds anticipation. Before spinning, choose which color ball will be the winner.  Floor, Tabletop and Wall Mount models available.  You can customize each triangle section of the wheel using our template as well as placing your logo in the centre of the wheel.  Minimum order is just 1 !  Ideal for contests, employee motivation, birthday celebrations, company parties, events, sales incentives and reward programs.

Color-Me Products logo.gif
Looking for a great and fun promos/souvenirs/prizes/party favors for children ?  Think of our Colour-Me range of products from Colour-Me Rulers, Colour-Me Puzzles, Colour-Me Photo Frames, Colour-Me Magnets, Colour-Me T-Shirts, Colour-Me Buttons, Colour-Me Pennants. All available with stock and or custom designs.
Outlined version of our color me cookies. An edible sugar cookie. You use FDA approved food coloring markers. jpg. Fun Designs shown.  Colored in version of our color me cookies. An edible sugar cookie. You use approved FDA food coloring markers jpg  Outlined version of our color me cookies. An edible sugar cookie. You use FDA approved food coloring markers. jpg. Ocean Designs shown.
Color-Me Cookies
(yes, they are edible sugar cookies and you use FDA approved food coloring markers)