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Go Eco
Bamboo Pens

BLOOMIN' PENS - Our exclusive twist on the flower pen, bloomin' pens can grow flowers, herbs, veggies
and trees.

Corn (PLA)  Clothing t-shirts and polo - New

Eco-Spun® - T-Shirts, Jerseys, Fleece, Tote Bags, Caps all made from recycled plastic soda bottles, some items combined with cotton, denim & tencel (fiber from manged tree farms). Variety of colours & styles.

Eco Drink Cups - recyclable, food grade polypropylene, top rack dishwasher safe. Collectible and re-useable, cold drink cups available in 12, 17, 22 and 32 oz sizes.  Great for evetns, concerts, drink sales, golf tournaments.  Minimum quantity is 250 units. food service accounts can have straws and drink lids to match.  Perfect 360 degree full color imprint. Now Available for Hot Drinks Too!

Ellie Poo Paper® Company - Ellie Poo Recycled paper contains elephant dung and is totally biodegradable and our recycled paper contains no harmful bacteria to humans, animals or the environment after it has been cleansed using natural non-chlorine methods. The Ellie Poo Paper Company helps with the conservation of the Sri Lankan elephants (also known as Elephas Maximus Maximus) by paying remote villagers to collect the elephant dung, clean it and turn it into a pulp. It is then made into our unique recycled elephant dung paper at the Frogmore Paper Mill in Hemel Hempstead, UK.  Ellie Poo Paper and Ellie Eats Recycled Paper products can be used in inkjet and or laser print ers, offest presses, foil stamping and photocopy machines.  
New Rhino Poo Paper

EnviroFolder®  Presentation folders and binders - Made entirely of recycled materials 100% post consumer, twin pockets hold paper and resist tearing. Die-cut card holder on right pocket. Natural or white finish. Imprinted with your logo using vegetable based inks.

Environmentally Friendly Pens and Pencils - made from recycled materials (paper/denim/plastic/PLA, etc).

Floral Grow Paper - Plantable Papers/Bloomin' Paper (flower seeds in the paper, plant the paper and watch it grow into flowers).

Friendly Markers® - have a recycled paper barrel and are available in markers, highlighters, whiteboard and flipcchart models. Black, blue, red & green inks with choice of chisel and bullet tips.  Highlighters come in yellow, blue, green & pink inks.  All have a 4 year shelf life & carry the Nordic Ecolabel Seal. They' re refillable too !

Green Eco PET Pen - ballpoint pen made from recycled PET water bottles.     

GREEN FLOWER PEN - ballpoint pen and flower seeds all in one.

GREEN PEN - ballpoint pen and mechanical pencil made from corn .MATER-BI material, biodegradable and recyclable.

Hemp/ Organic Cotton/Bamboo Clothing - t-shirts, hooded sweatsHirts, polo shirts, caps and tote bags in a variety of colours and styles.

Kenaf Pen - made with paper from kenaf plants.

LANYARDS - recycled, PET, Bamboo and organic cotton in a variety of colours including cell phone holder attachment.

LIQUID CLOCKS - digital clocks that run on water, juice, soda, coffee, tea and or beer But No Batteries!

Paper Pen - made from recycled paper, carries EcoMark Seal from Japenese Environmental Office.

Pencils and Pens made from denim, newspaper and old currency.

Pocket Ashtray - eco-friendly, practical and attractive. Easily fits in the palm of your hand. Can be carried in purse or bag.  No smells from cold tobacco butts will leach out. Patented design and closing mechanism keeps the ashes and dirt inside.  Re-useable, lasts forever.  Can be cleaned by rinsing in water. Also ideal for gum and candy wrapper disposal. As one can't throw litter on the streets or in the park and one does not always see a trash can handy. Great for travel, beach, camping, even ideal for candy and gum wrapper disposal too.  Available in a variety of colors (white, red, orange, yellow, light green, forest green, light blue and dark blue).  Attractive enough for use on tables at parties, as a souvenir, party favor or retail item. Approximate size:3.0 x 2.75 x 0.5 inches when closed.
Eco Pocket Ashtray (green model) , closed view. Aside from cigarette disposal it can also be sued for chewing gum and candy wrappers.  Functional and stylish in design. Approximate 3.0 x 2.75 x 0.5 inches when closed. jpg
Reed Pen - made from perennial reed plant.

Rubbish Gurl® products made from recycled printed circuit boards and more.  Great ideas from rubbish !

Stiki-taki notes® - Adhesive Kraft paper note pads made from recycled paper.

Tree-Free Papers - Papers made from banana, coffee, cigar, corn, seaweed, denim, currency & more..

Vegetal Pen - Ballpoint pen 80% biodegradeable made with (PLA) NatureWorks® .5 Million pens can save 85,000 litres of gasoline and 163 tons of carbon monoxide.

WOODFREE Pencils - new to North America. Pencils made from gypsum and talc. no wood. biodegradable/recyclable/non - toxic.

 Other items available
Products made from recycled denim/sawdust/money/newsprint/yellow pages combined with
plastic for mugs, rulers, piggy banks, sun visors, etc.
Tree-Free Papers can be used to custom make notepads, notebooks, journals ...
14 inch long recycled pencils and shaped recycled pencils
Mini desk top (recycling bins) blue boxes
Recycled Plastic type Frisbee flyers & rulers.
Coffee & Travel Mugs made from corn plastic

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