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BrellaLites (tm) Solid White Fabric Umbrella. Modelled by Miss Aisha. jpg
publicité BrellaLites advertising logo a trademark of Publicité Ad Factory® Inc. jpg.
Introducing the only Illuminated Umbrella that lets you and your logo be seen at night.
Light up your name with our walking billboards umbrella.
Allows your name to be seen in the daytime and even at night!
Gives you more exposure then any other printed umbrella on the market!

50 inch wide canopy.
Your logo is visable at 50 Meters or 164 Feet
Generates a 180 centimeters or 70 inch circle of light
Unisex sport/golf styling.
Easy Opening.
Handle Combines the On/Off Switch Button and Battery Compartment
Light weight and wind-proof tested to 50 miles per hour.
6 Volt Krypton Light Bulb provides over 3 hours of continous illumination using 4 AA Batteries.
Yes, the electronic parts are fully tested for damp conditions.
Keeps you dry and safe late at night!
Walking your dog, roadside emergencies, walking to your front door, fumbling for keys, walking alone at night be seen and be safe with our illuminated umbrellas.

Available colors: Two-tone: Blue/White; Black/White; Green/White; Red/White. Solid: White

Custom imprinted logos can only be done on white panels for logos to be seen at night.